Adult Learning

Adult learners are loosely identified with a larger group characterized as “non-traditional” learners or adults age 25 or older considering going back to college or attending college for the first time. As more working adults consider going back to college and taking distance or e-learning education courses, it is essential for educators and administrators to recognize adult learner characteristics and learning profiles, design and deliver the courses to meet their needs and support adults students to reach their goals. We did organized a workshop which introduced adult learner characteristics and reviewed teaching strategies and best practices. We also discussed the following in the workshop:

  • common adult learner characteristics
  • teaching strategies, technology adoption, and future trends
  • adult education support and PLA (prior learning assessment)

Reference Management Tools – Zotero

Organizing references and citations when writing papers is not an easy job without proper tools. In this workshop, I introduced a number of open-source reference management tools, and compare their features and limitations. We also had some hands-on experience using Zotero.