Engaging Students as Co-Lecturers in Information Systems and Technology Courses

Engaging students in the learning process is critical to their learning experience. One common practice is to have student do the work and report it back in classroom as presentations. However, many of these presentations are solely presented by students and are crowded into specific presentation class sessions. This is suboptimal in achieving a teaching (learning) environment with balanced information exchange. This paper presents a collaborative lecturing methodology, which engages students in the complete process of learning design, topic research, and collaborative lecturing in classrooms. Key activities and features of the method are presented in a four-stage life cycle. The method has been employed by the author in multiple IT and IS courses of different subjects and levels. Past experiences and lessons learned will be discussed.

The paper has been presented at EDSIGCon 2015 and will be published at ISEDJ. The manuscript can be visited here https://www.researchgate.net/publication/282861715_Engaging_Students_as_Co-Lecturers_in_Information_Systems_and_Technology_Courses


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